Our Hand to the Frontline Warriors

Medical Gear Incinerator & Face Mask Vending Machines

Sleeving up to the present global combat against the pandemic Covid -­19, Doha Systems has launched its new generation biomedical/corona waste protective gear incinerator to hygienically dispose among other things, ppe kits, face masks, hand gloves, shoe/head covers etc.

Why Our Medical Incinerators?

The single use items in the PPE kit are not to be thrown indiscremanately, but to be incinerated in our high temperature incinerator on the spot of discording for the reasons:

By Installing Suwidhaa bio medical incinerator, we achieve


Timely first response to waste management is crucial.


Medical Warriors deserve this more than anyone.


hygienic disposal of waste to avoid spreading infection

medical gear incinerator

As per pollution norms protective items against Covid 19 are to be incinerated at high temperatures to eliminate even the trace of the virus completely and our Incinerators are manufactured adopting to International Standards and without any compromise to fight against the spread of the Virus. 

In our high end model, we have incorporated treatment process also on the flue gas emission.We have four different variances/models of bio medial incinerators to suit individual requirements.

Face Mask Vending Machines

Outbreak of COVID -19 has lead to the compulsion of wearing a Face Mask as per recommendations of WHO when outdoors or in public places to protect from the virus.

To ensure Face Masks are available in all public places, at the peg and call Doha Systems has launched Face Mask Vending Machines and for other personal Hygiene Products 24/7 access for these products.

Ours is a fully automatic Vending Machine and you can get a mask vended through RFID card or QR code.

We offer customized solutions also apart from our stand-alone models to meet your budget requirements.

Welcome Digital

In the wake of #Covid-19 Pandemic, we are ready with innovation to fight the crisis.

Just SCAN to PAY and Vend. Say Goodbye to Physical Money!

Scan to Pay Doha Vending Machine

Face Mask Vending Machines are going to be more and more typical not only in medical centers and hospitals but also in offices, schools and other public gathering spaces. Our Vending Machines are built with thought of usability. 

We value even a single order from our customers.

We give one year against any Manufacturing defects from the date of Installation or from the date of dispatch which ever is earlier.

Normally we carry Ex-­‐stock subject to prior sales for smaller orders which can be executed in 2to 3 days time. For larger orders ,the delivery time , the delivery time depends on the order quantity and the transit time to be taken into account depending on the place and the mode of transport either by rail or Road.

All our machines are simple to install and operate. We are providing installation manual for the user to follow and install with a local electrician For our Sanitary Napkin Destroyers ,the flue gas GI pipe line to be run and will vary from places and we can guide customers over phone. We also have our professional team of engineers to carry out Installation at a nominal extra cost.

We supply machines pan India through Rail Cargo either Door Delivery or Station Delivery basis as per the customer’s choice , however if the delivery address is not serviced by Rail Cargo agents then we choose to send by Road through VRL or Gati etc.

We do provide service during warranty directly or through our regional associates. If the product is out of warranty, our after sales service is on chargeable basis.

We provide spare parts for our products on chargeable basis post warranty.

We are always at reach for any technical issues on call or mail.

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